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Kigali Christian Academy an Incredible Institute in Rwanda

Kigali Christian Academy is one of the best institutes in Rwanda that stimulates the understanding of students. Kigali Christian Academy has taken a long while in existence.

This institute was founded by Pastor Gasana James and it is together with a church on the same land. Kigali Christian Academy is based on believing in God and loving Him. Pastor Gasana James the founder of Kigali Christian Academy is interested in giving the best to the children in Rwanda by teaching them how to love God more and respect people especially their teachers and this has been achieved.

Keza Jalia

Keza Jaliawe said that Kigali Christian Academy is an incredible institute with professional teachers that are well trained and have a good heart for children; and this makes children better while at school.

Keza still appreciates Pastor Gasana in a special way since he helped her when she had some challenges. Keza still appreciates how Pastor Gasana puts a foundation of the Rwandan culture to be taught among children; and this helps children to know more about their culture.

One of the children that schools at Kigali Christian Academy says that the kids who do not school at Kigali Christian Academy are really missing out because it has the best service that offers to children, so, this  student is advising all parents to register their children at Kigali Christian Academy for better education level.

Teta Kevine is also one of the children that school at Kigali Christian Academy, she also says that she gives great thanks to Pastor Gasana who proved to be a good father to her. Teta says that she came at Kigali Christian Academy when she had no interest in studying but because of Pastor Gasana’s support, she started loving school.

On the same point, one of the students at Kigali Christian Academy gave her speech in French, the language that is feared by most kids in schools but well spoken by children in Kigali Christian Academy; this student says that parents should register their children in Kigali Christian Academy because they will gain knowledge and understanding in different aspects.

Pastor GASANA James

Pastor Gasana confirms that loving and caring for better raising of children in Rwanda is not only based on reading books or hearing stories from the elders, but instead getting the information from the professionals who are well trained like those found at Kigali Christian Academy.

Pastor Gasana confirms all that was said by the students and says that reaching this far is by the support of parents and again, he appreciates the government of Rwanda for being so supportive towards the functioning of Kigali Christian Academy.

Birori Donatien

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